Who We Are


Grow Lights and Bulbs

As one of the leaders in light and bulb sales in Florida, we are able to match all advertised pricing on light bulbs. To find out what bulbs might be best for you, call our knowledgeable staff.
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We offer a wide range of industry leading ballasts. Should you not find what you are looking for please call us it is likely we have what your looking for.
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Monthly Specials

We will always run monthly specials. This is our way of showing our appreciation to ever-growing customer base. This is an ideal way of saving as much as 60% of MSRP. Mark it on your calendar to come back and check every month
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EZ Grow Green Services

We offer a wide arrange of "Services and Free Services" to our customers in an effort to ensure healthy and bountiful harvests. We like to think of this as just another way that we set ourselves apart from other Hydroponics Stores, Outlets and Online Facilities.

These services are designed to enhance your growing experiences and pleasures by educating you in all of our different products and explaining how and why certain ones may work better for you then others. It is not about profits, it is about success with us, as we know that if our services, products and information translate into success for our customers, our profits will come naturally.

It is important for us to be viewed as more then another Hydroponics Retail Store or Online Store. We want to be considered as friends and the people that have gone over and beyond the others to ensure your indoor and outdoor gardening experiences are nothing but successful.
System Build and Design
We build customer Hydroponic Systems to your specifications and guarantee our work. Let us get you started in the right direction today.
Free Local Delivery
We offer free local delivery for our customers. It is just another way for us to show our appreciation to our local customers. Call for details.
Free Shipping
On orders placed over a certain dollar amount, we will ship it for free. Unfortunately not all orders qualify, but we are doing our best.
Growers will tell you that the products you use don't ensure healthy harvests, it's the knowledge behind them. We provide that knowledge.
We understand that you may not always be able to make it to our store during our business hours. Call and make an appointment, we are happy to wait.
Lighting System Design
Lighting system are perhaps the most important item when it comes to indoor gardening. Let us design a system based on your growing needs
These are just a few of the services we offer. The one service you can always count on from us is the information we provide. We provide accurate information and always try to educate people in the art of hydroponic and organic gardening. I has become our mission to understand the needs of our customers, potential customers and even our competitors customer and give advise and information that helps.