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We have the knowledge and experience to be your gardening solutions store.
With our wide range of products and gardening experience you have found the everything you could need gardening store.

If you are new to gardening and are having problems, big or small, don't get discouraged, call us. We are great at solving gardening problems and simplifying your gardening projects.

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By calling or visiting our retail store we will be able to provide you with everything you will need for successful indoor gardening. We pride ourselves, in not only being able to provide you with the proper solutions but being able to explain how each item works.

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If you do not see it online there is a good chance it is in our retail store. Please call and find out and see how we are going to save you money.

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Enhanced FAQ's
It's all about the little things.

Just another way of helping you find the answers you need about hydroponics. We have them broken down by: Light, Water, Soil and Air to simplify your search.

Our FAQ page is unlike most others. We spend time researching answers to the question that hydroponics user want to know. This page does not only address the "simple, everyday questions," but the more intriguing ones as well.

Our goal on this page is to develop a complete knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find your question, please call us or email us. We will promptly answer your question and then submit it to our FAQ page. .
We Got Answers

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